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The completely stupid website.
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Are you bored?
Can't find a web site that is interesting?
Well, you've come to the right place!!!
Here you'll find loads of funny jokes, photos, stupid stuff to e-mail ya friends, games and loads of desk top themes.

Sick of what you see when you turn on your computer?
Well don't worry, you're sure to find a cool theme to put a big chirpy smile on your face!
You'll be bouncing out of your bed in the morning, just to see the cool new look of your desk-top! 

Why don't you place your pin on our map?
It only takes a couple of seconds.

This months stupid theory.
Why Yawning Is Contagious: You yawn to equalize the pressure on your eardrums. This pressure change outside your eardrums unbalances other people's ear pressures, so they then yawn to even it out.

This months stupid question.
Why do you get in trouble for blocking an exit when you're standing in the doorway? In case of an emergency, wouldn't you run out, too, therefore NOT blocking the exit?

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The proof that humans aren't that intelligent.

microsoft v general motors.


Answering Machine Messages

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